If you're knitting one of my Hats, especially one of the Elemental Hats, don't forget your hashtags when sharing on social media.

Using the hashtags means we can link up and each see what the other is knitting. It's especially useful for me, 'cos I can see how many of my Hats are out there :)



is the regular hashtag for *any* Woolly Wormhead Hat knitting that you might be sharing on Instagram, Twitter etc. Sometimes #woollywormheadhats gets used, and that's cool, but this one is that bit shorter and more common.


is the main tag for anything to do with the Elemental collection.


and while we're at it, as Circled is a companion collection to Elemental, this is the main hashtag for these Hats.


Some other tags I use a lot are:


(because I have a thing about knitting Hats sideways....)

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