It's teaching and tutorial season, and Tom's been busy editing video clips for us!


The technique shown in this tutorial is really simple and very effective. I've used this method a few times in my patterns - most recently in my new Campello design and previously in my Swinton and Hadleigh designs in Painted Woolly Toppers for Kids. It creates a wonderful edge along which to rejoin work for multi-directional knitting, and has plenty of uses beyond Hat brims!


I'll add this video to the Garter Stitch page but I think I'll also start a new page for Picking up Stitches, as we've more videos on that topic to come...

We recorded these latest videos in June sometime, and despite our best efforts light snuck in and bounced off everything, giving it all a yellow cast. We've recently bought a little folding come portable video studio, one that it isn't fabric so it might stand up to some abuse, and I'm looking forward to getting stuck in with that - all that inconsistency with lighting is bothering me so!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead