... as we dive head first into the busy season of the best ways to get in touch!


If you need help with a pattern - any pattern, any kind of help - then please pop over to the Ravelry forum. There we have a dedicated thread for each and every pattern so you can read through and see if your question has been asked already, or ask away and contribute to the communal knowledge. You can either search the group for the pattern name, or find it's thread from the pattern's page on the database. There haven't been enough hours in the day yet to link every discussion thread from this website, but by clicking the no. of projects button below the pattern's details, you'll be whisked off to the pattern's page on the Ravelry database and you'll find the thread linked under 'Details' tab. In an ideal world I'd have a forum right here on this website but I haven't, and Ravelry is the very next best thing!

If you need help with any techniques or tutorials, I've a *huge* tutorials section that is being added to regularly. Most of the tutorials are in PDF format so you can download and save for later when you're offline, and there's also a growing number of technique videos - short snippets that are light on data and get straight to the point. The videos can be viewed in your browser right here, and are hosted on Instagram.

If you need help with downloading or working with PDFs, or perhaps any other area - Hat sizing, licensing - then please do flick through the Information drop-down menu - I've tried to cover as much as possible.

If there's anything I haven't covered, then please send me an email! Please don't send a message via Ravelry or Twitter or Instagram - I don't check those areas for messages and I'd hate for your message to go unanswered. They're not reliable message systems for lots of reasons (IG in particular), least because there's too many of them!

Why don't I reply to messages on other platforms? There's only one of me here, doing all of this (the cat isn't much help). I'm frequently poorly or offline, and so I've built up a store of information and got things into place that help me help you. Some days it's difficult enough to keep up with comments on social media, let alone answer queries - trying to be all things in all places is a fast track to burnout. This website is my little corner of the world and I aim to provide everything you need (and a little bit more!)

Thanks for your understanding. May your knitting be strong and your Hat wearing on point this season!

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