Today I'm introducing a new design that I've worked on with Ripples Crafts yarns. Together we thought it'd be pretty cool to do something special for Loch Ness Knit Fest and here it is.


Scourie is sideways knit, with short row colourwork. With this design I wanted try something different with this technique to show that short row colourwork isn't just intarsia - it can be stranded, too. Several of the Elemental Hats use stranded techniques but not obviously so and not to this extent, and so I started to explore shapes and details that could look effective as well as not be too tricksy to knit!


This pattern will have you changing colours at short row points, but given a little practice with tension, it's not something that should trip anyone up. Don't tug the yarn too hard, but similarly don't let it slacken off too much - firm and gently is the right approach, and you'll find it easier than you think.


The instructions are provided as a panel map - a method I first put to use with the Elemental Hats that has proved to be pretty popular. It's a directional map, so the symbols show you which direction you're knitting and how many stitches are worked in any given row, to make it easier to keep track of the short rows. I've a blog post about this method of charting in the works, so do keep an eye out for that.


Scourie will be available in print only initially. As this is a special project for LNKF, we thought it best to offer it in print only for a limited time. Helen will have plenty of yarn on her stand to put together for kits, and I'll be ordering plenty of copies of the pattern.


Fear not, though - Scourie *will* be available as a digital single pattern in due course! I've the MKAL coming up (our 10th!), and another special pattern for another KAL (busy is an understatement) and I don't want to release Scourie and have it lost in the crowd. I will let you know as soon as it's available, I promise (and if you haven't already, do sign up to the newsletter)


Did I introduce you to Molly yet? We've only started working together in this last week and it's already clear that not only does the camera love her, but also that she's a natural at modelling. Molly grew up around these parts and I'm really pleased to able to work with her.


Scourie uses Ripples Crafts merino sport weight, which is such a lovely yarn - such bounce and definition, and it takes the dye beautifully. Different sizes in the pattern are achieved via panel repeats, but gauge can also help play a part - with a finer gauge, a short Hat can be achieved, and vice versa. The panel width is pretty narrow so you can repeat it until it fits just so (that try-it-on-as-you-knit aspect of sideways Hats is pretty dandy)


And there we have it! See you at LNKF?

ps/ there are still some places on my workshops, so do sign up now if you want to take a class with me - all events need a minimum number of bums on seats to run classes and it helps everyone to book in advance.

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