This week hasn't been the easiest week.


Its been a week of frequent anxiety attacks. Sometimes two or three in one day. For the most part I feel them coming and am able to stop them getting out of control. They're still exhausting and draining but no way near as debilitating as they could be. 

Then there's been days where I haven't been able to curtail them. I'll try, but a different trigger will come at you sideways and in no time, you're in full meltdown. The emotional hangover from these goes on for days, and the physical side sees me spacey and wired and unable to sleep for a good 24hrs afterwards.

Unsurprisingly more changes lay ahead, and the one thing I'm properly grateful for is Tom, and the team we make when we have to put our heads together.  Together we're both lateral and logical and with a similar spatial awareness, we can think around corners. We're known for our resourcefulness and practicality and this week has seen that in full force. We have plans. They might not come to fruition, but giving ourselves choices has been the most critical thing.

The tightness in my chest is finally starting to abate and sleep isn't as evasive as it was.

Somehow through all of this I've managed some work, and most of the to-do list is done. I'm mighty relieved that I'd done so much preparation for the coming season ahead... it'll still be daftly busy, but it shouldn't lose me too much sleep. We got this. 

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