A Year of Techniques is now over halfway through, and the final patterns are being revealed this week. Members of Jen and Jim's group on Ravelry have been guessing which yarns and which techniques are used by which designers, and some of those guesses were pretty close!

I can say that my Hat may feature grafting, but my technique is short rows. Indeedy, my Hat is a sideways knit short row Hat!


Knit with Fyberspates lusciously soft Scrumptious Aran, the Hat is a comfortable fit with subtle slip stitch details. The Hat is created by working a panel over and over, and that allows for trying it on as you go and adding an extra panel should you need it.


The short row method recommended in this pattern is German Short Rows - they're so much easier to work in a sideways Hat in garter stitch, and they're much easier to graft than the w&t method or other short row methods. Jen has written thorough and clear tutorials to to go with each pattern, so subscribers and purchases of the AYoT book will get all of that included.


Gotta love the weathered painted wooden wall and the circles on Jen's outfit, yes? I know Jen was really pleased with these photos and I can see why!


This is a great collection, featuring patterns that centre around a technique, around something to new to learn. I'm in good company with this book, and having known Jen for many years now I'm familiar with her want to share knowledge and teach skills, I know it's going to be a well used and treasured book.

There'll be a AYoT KAL for the Ruschia Hat on Ravelry from 4th October, and the KAL will be held in AC Knitwear group. I'll also have a discussion thread in my group and everyone is welcome to share their progress there, too :)

It's sideways knit Hats all the way this year! 

Photos reproduced with kind permission.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead