I thought I'd post about this while it's fresh in my head, as it came up over the weekend more than a few times (Fibre East was absolutely brilliant and I'll share my haul shortly!)


Folks who regularly pop by here or my Ravelry group know that my right shoulder started freezing severely towards the end of last summer. Fast forward to this spring and it's starting to thaw, but my left shoulder is now starting to freeze. Last autumn I put in place a number of systems to help reduce my time at the computer, and now I really have to double down on that... the next year or so isn't going to be easy with two frozen shoulders.

Health aside though, there are many reasons why offering pattern support and general Hat chatter on the forums is beneficial to everyone. It not only helps me make effective use of my time and answer several knitters with one post, it also helps the knitter seeking help. You'll likely get an answer much more quickly - especially if you live in a different time zone to me - but you'll also get the benefit of differing perspectives. 

If there's something about the way I've written a pattern that isn't making sense to you, the very best thing you can do is talk to other knitters who have made the same Hat in a dedicated thread. Just because something isn't understood in a pattern doesn't make it wrong, we all see and learn in different ways and sometimes all you need to get over that hurdle is hearing a different approach to the same issue, or even just different words describing the same approach.  Between us we've built a fantastic support base on the forums and it's there to be used by everyone.

The very best thing about the forums is the community. We are all there to support each other and that reaches out beyond Hats and yarn. This weekend has reminded just how valuable it is to stay in touch with other knitters and yarnies, and how we are all so varied and yet connected. 

Whether you need support with a technique I've used in a pattern or the way something is worded please do make the most of this free resource. If you're not a member of Ravelry it's quick, free and easy to sign up. Whilst it can be overwhelming to try and learn about the site in one go or wade your way through the forums, being able to head straight to the thread you need - they're all linked and labelled - should make that much easier for everyone.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead