It's a thunderstorm kinda day. And that also means it's a power cut kinda day. The lightening tripped the power 3 times within 40 mins or so of waking, and in no time at all the garden looked like this:




Our plot is at the lower end of the Yard, and so all the water comes rushing down to us and we flood almost straight away. This is after an hour's worth of rain -  I'm not sure we'll still see the raised paths if it carries on as expected! (this is why we have raised paths...)

The storm, well the thunder, has been making the bus shake as the sound waves hit. Even with the lightning further away now, we can still feel as well as hear the thunder. 

Thankfully my studio trailer is the same side of the plot as the bus and I should be able to make those few yards without getting too wet. Not sure the power will stay on long enough to put on a few lights and power up the monitors, though. 

My studio trailer, when I had the vintage caravan, used to be the other side of the plot. Can you imagine the fun I had trying to get to work on those rainy days? 

And yeah, the bathroom is outside too. In fact it's a further walk than my studio but thankfully it's this side of that giant puddle. 

(why yes, that's our daft cat outside in the storm. She loves the storms themselves - all the wind and thunder - but hates the rain. Thankfully she came to her senses and followed me back into the bus) 

AuthorWoolly Wormhead