My moods have bouncing more frequently lately and the black dog has been doing it's thing. In an effort to help myself and regain focus I've pulled back in a few places.


This has been one of my main social media platforms for years but given the changes to it and the current political situation, it no longer feels like a safe place and I've uninstalled it from all my devices. 

My IG photos still auto post to Twitter, as do blog post links, but other than that, I'm not checking in. If you talk to me there, I'm not getting your messages, sorry!  

I still haven't decided whether to close my account long term so for now it stays open with the only activity being the auto-posts. 

In my world, FB is hell. I've not had a personal account for years and shutting that down was the best thing I ever did for my sanity. 

However, I keep the Woolly Wormhead page open and active as I know for many people it's a primary way to stay in touch. My lack of personal account though does mean that I check in through the Pages app only, and that leaves a lot to be desired - it would seem that beyond comments on anything I post to the page, I'm not picking up on anything else. If you need to ask a question, pop by the Ravelry group šŸ˜ƒ

IG still feels like a safe place to me and I'm still posting. I don't just talk about Hats and knitting - I talk about our creative life, the cat, our garden. It's my space and I can't be doing with sticking to one topic or talk of branding! What I like about Instagram is seeing beyond the veil as it were, and recently unfollowed a load of accounts that just stuck to the pretty picture let's not rock the boat insta format that's rife these days. Doing that has really been helpful - I feel in touch with people again.

This is still my main port of call for any questions that arise about patterns and knitting. I answer the odd thing here on this blog or on relevant IG posts but overall, my Ravelry group is the knowledge base second to this website.

I'm so happy to have this space back thanks to a working app! This has always been my little corner of the universe and only being able to talk when I was sat in my work chair in my studio was suffocating. Like I said above, I don't believe in limiting myself to one topic - that's not life, it's not a creative life - and I'm looking forward to sharing more here. When I'm able to be organic, I'm at my best (I think?) and I can already feel the shackles drifting.

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