For whatever reason I've been one of the many people affected by the bug(s) in the SquareSpace blogging app, which has restricted me to only blogging when I'm in the studio at the laptop.

But now it's fixed and I can log in from my phone and tablet! I can blog from my bed, the bus, anywhere I happen to be! I take most of my on-the-go photos on my phone, and this all makes it so much easier to tie in - no longer will I have to email photos to myself or plug the phone into the laptop for transfer.

And having a dual SIM phone (MotoG4) means I've always got data (or at least, when I've got credit and when there's reception) and that's far more reliable than our regular WiFi networks. 

This feels like such a relief - I'm always happiest when I can blog organically; planning blog posts has always been a spoiler for me, it interrupts my flow and words get stuck. Now I feel like I can blog like I used to, in the old days, before things got all grown up and serious. I can talk about my knits, designs in progress and our garden and travels again.

And here's a peek at what our Saturday morning looks like... one sulky cat who got told off for batting the bees that live right under the bus door. Garden's not looking bad though, eh?


AuthorWoolly Wormhead