I'm a little late sending out the newest wholesale catalogue and newsletter, and I thought I'd ask for some feedback on printing options?


As you'll know, my wholesale is managed through the (wholesale) newsletter and printed by Magcloud. Magcloud have printers on the continent so shipping and turnaround time is pretty reasonable, but being a US based company everything is priced in $$ and given the exchange rate as it is, I know that's a barrier to my UK (and EU?) shops.

And so I'm researching digital printing options in the UK and checking on prices. I don't know what's involved time and cost wise to have the book reformatted from US letter to A4 but I'm willing to look into it if there's enough interest?

To qualify for a wholesale account you don't have to be a shop - you can be an indie dyer or maker of other fibre related goodies. I have no minimum orders either through Magcloud, though if I have a small print run done I may need a 2 or 3 minimum. If you'd like to be added to the wholesale mailing list or would like to know more, drop me an email.

There are a couple of reputable digital printers in the UK and printing costs leave a reasonable margin for wholesale, but I'm not keen to hold printed stock hence I used Magcloud, as they drop ship and have a store front, which the others don't.

Please do let me know if you're interested - leave a comment or send me an email if that's easier. And hopefully I won't be too tardy with the next wholesale newsletter! 

(I'm blogging from my phone and I can't add hyperlinks - find the email contact form from the drop down menu above :) 

ps/ this is in the queue for translation into German! I'm looking forward to launching wholesale for the translated patterns towards the end of the summer. 

AuthorWoolly Wormhead