Back in February you may remember that I was asked to give a talk on the subject of 'Ethical Choices for a Sustainable Creative Life'.

I'm not going to publish my speech, but I will link to the film I shared, those I mentioned or are otherwise relevant.

This was the film that I showed during the talk, to highlight how the community has worked with the environment, and how it has changed and developed over the years.


This the film made by Charlie about Aran, and his life on the Yard. This is a special and personal film, and I'm really glad Charlie made it, and that Aran had the chance to be himself and tell his story.


This is a trailer for a longer film made by artistic documentary makers, ZimmerFrei. The film is called 'Hometown' and I've still not seen it!  It provides another perspective to community life and the individuals who make it.


There are no doubt many more videos on YouTube, but these are the ones I feel most relevant to the perspective I was offering.

The subject I was asked to talk on is incredibly broad, vastly interesting, subjective and and for all these reasons, also problematic. It would be impossible to cover all possible angles in an hour and so I decided to approach it from a more personal perspective, and talk about the choices I've made. There was an awful lot of interest in our community (which I possibly should have been more prepared for!) and thought I would share these films, even if the speech won't be shared.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead