We'll be taking our first foot steps on Indian soil as this post goes live, and it feels rather poignant that I'm celebrating the 10th anniversary of my first book - a whole chunk of sideways knit Hats - as we take a well earned break paid for by another book of sideways knit Hats!


I've always enjoyed designing sideways knit Hats, it's where I feel most at home and most challenged. For a while back there I didn't design so many and some books (such as Classic Woolly Toppers) didn't feature any at all, as they just didn't seem to be gathering much interest. I'm much, much more confident now in designing what I want and exploring different construction methods, and in them being well received, too.

I've said before that Going Straight is my worst selling book and also my most pirated; that's still true and it still feels like a shame.

I've learnt so much since publishing this book - about photography and colour/yarn choices for patterns. About layout and self publishing through POD. And also about short rows and grafting! For it's time, there was nothing else like it around and it kinda went under the radar. It's the book I've spent more time updating and tweaking than anything else, and I secretly hope that one day it might yet have it's moment.

For the next few of days I'm offering a promotion on Going Straight either here or on Ravelry. Use code 10yearsofsideways to get 50% off the price between now and midnight on Xmas day (GMT).


And I'll be hopefully posting very soon with photos of our India adventure - expect lots of textiles, silver jewellery, architecture and family fun (I can't wait to see Aran's face as he rides an elephant. That's how we plan to spend xmas day!).

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