My monthly newsletter turned 8 years old this year, and I figured it was time to change things up a bit. It hasn't always been monthly, and it wasn't until I moved things over to MailChimp that I felt like I was finding my feet with it. I've often fallen out with this method of communicating as it sometimes feels so dry and sterile but of late, realising how inclusive it can be, it's starting to feel more like home again. And I want the newsletter to reflect that more and not just be a newsletter.


Current subscribers won't need to do anything - the list isn't changing in and of itself, only it's name is changing and some of the perks (i.e. there'll be more!)

The Woolly Hat Society feels like the perfect name. We're all Hatters, and that gives me scope to share more things with you. I want to start including a tips section - little things that can help with finishing or blocking or other woolly Hat related things. Future free patterns will be exclusive to TWHS for a few weeks before being made public, that kind of thing. The current perks - exclusive discounts, hot-off-the-press news, member milestone coupons etc are all staying, too. All in all, it'll feel even more like a club than it does now and that can only be a good thing, right?

Long term I'd like to build us a private forum or chat room or something but for now, the Ravelry forum is our online chat home and that's worked well for us for over 10 years now (did you catch that the Wormhead's Hats group was 10 years old last month? Blimey.)

The first official TWHS email will go out in the new year. There won't be a December email as we're heading off on our holiday and I'm saving up all the good stuff for January.

And I *love* the badge! Zabet - who's being doing the graphics for recent bits and the Circled and Elemental collections - designed it for me and it makes me smile.

Right, almost ready for our big trip! I'm hoping to blog as we go, internet access and SquareSpace app providng. I'm loaded up with data on my phone though, and I'll be InstaSpamming under the #wormheadsgotoindia tag. Feel free to follow along :) (IG let you follow hastags now - handy)

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