The busy season is drawing to a close and I'm winding down ready for our holiday. And boy has it been a busy season! Lots of touring and teaching and I'm more than a little ready for some time off. I've struggled more than usual this year to keep up with emails, and I'm slowly building resources to balance that going forward.

Knowing I'll be away for a whole month as we head to India I've been working even harder to put systems in place that mean knitters looking for help won't be stuck. One key aspect of this is the Pattern Support Index thread on Ravelry. I know not all my customers are on Ravelry but it does provide so many good resources and allow me to centralise everything, which is invaluable. The Support thread may look a little intimidating at first but delve a little deeper and it should lead you to everything you need. All of the support threads are linked from the pattern pages on Ravelry but not from here yet - they can still be searched the normal way within the forum and our trusty moderators are on hand to guide everyone or whoosh threads as needed.


Both Circled and Elemental have recieved some high profile reviews of late!


Circled was reviewed by none other than Franklin Habit on The Mason-Dixon Knitting blog and it's quite the review! You can read it here.

Elemental-Cover-1200-72dpi (1).jpg

and Elemental has been reviewed over at Knitty!

Both books have been collecting reviews and they're all linked (or the ones I'm aware of are!) on their webpages.

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