The third and final pattern that will be published later today!


Scourie was the special collaboration I did with Ripples Crafts for Loch Ness Knit Fest and it had such a positive response! Loads of people purchased the kits directly from Helen, and she's also put the recommended yarn in these colours up for pre-order, ready for anyone purchasing the ePattern from me.


Scourie is knit sideways, using short row colourwork techniques and short rows for shaping - it's pretty much all short rows, except for the provisional cast-on and grafting. Fear not though, as illustrated tutorials for these techniques are included, just as you'd expect from a Woolly Wormhead pattern.


The pattern comes in 3 sizes, and includes for adjusting the size through gauge. One thing I've tried with this pattern that I haven't with the Elemental Hats (because their pattern didn't provide the room to) is add in and adjustment area within the panel, that allows you to add or remove stitches, a bit like you'd see in a sewing pattern. It's the first time I've done this, and as I say, it's not always an option with sideways knit Hats, but this one gives us space to do it and I'm keen to hear what you think.


I've mentioned this before but I will say it again - the pattern is provided in charted format only. Providing written out, line by line instructions for a pattern like this would not only make the pattern lengthier and much more costly to produce, it would also introduce errors. The chart is not so much like regular charts, in that it's a map, that provides stitch counts at all relevant and clearly indicates which direction you should be knitting in, to help you navigate your way through the short rows. 

I've had really positive feedback on the maps, and I believe it's appealing to more people than a standard chart would.

Right, I'd better pop over to Ravelry and get these patterns published then, eh?

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