Tomorrow is new release day so I'd better get caught up and tell you what's coming!


Cirro is your perfect cosy winter Hat, complete with giant bobble. Knit up in bulky yarn, it's a super quick knit, making it perfect for gifts. And with 4 sizes included, it'll cover just about every head.


Designed for Cloudborn Fibers Merino Bulky Splash, it's been available as a kit from Craftsy for a few weeks, and tomorrow sees it available as a single pattern for the first time. The recommended yarn is a super lush soft and squidgy bulky merino which is absolutely perfect for winter Hats!


The pattern is ideal for adventurous beginners or experience knitters alike - you'll want to be able to knit in the round and be comfortable with a moving-the-marker direction, but otherwise it's all increases and decreases and that's it! The pompom is of course optional but how could you not?


There's just time to squeeze in one last blog post before release date, about the 3rd pattern. Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter if you haven't already?

It's been a strange week here as I've slowly been moving over everything from my hard-drives and ageing laptop onto a brand new shiny PC. It's a job that's needed doing for quite some time and right now might not seem the best time to do it, but it's best to do it before the laptop gives up completely, and right now I've very little work in progress that needs the machine... so circumstances dictate. It's a bittersweet thing to be moving onto a machine that's less portable but it does feel very good to be giving my filing system a very thorough tidy up!

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