You'd think I have a store of suitable names, right? I used to have, in my old phone, before it died...


You may have seen this one over on Instagram, when I shared a shot straight after the shoot. I was so pleased with how these photos came out that I just popped one straight up, unedited.


We went with a different kind of styling with these shots, and I think it worked - the formal jacket with it's strong collar and harsh shoulders isn't something I'd normally use, but I'd been given this jacket and wanted to try it somewhere. Molly suits the classic look well, and especially suits smarter suit-like jackets. It's not a style I want to use too often, but I think we pulled it off OK (there are something other photos, of something Mystery, where the jacket looks even better)


This Hat is knit sideways, using a garter stitch lace pattern and all the short row shaping incorporated. It's an awful lot simpler to knit than it looks! When the pattern is published - end of October - I'll share more about the details but I will say it's knit in Miss Bab's Yummy 3-ply and it makes good use of the skein.



This Hat is packed FULL of texture! That stitch pattern really adds dimension and makes the most of the yarn and stitch properties.

Want to fire away with name suggestions? There's a copy of the pattern in it for you, and a very big thank you from me :)

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