Come 31st October, I'll be releasing 3 new single patterns. I've been sharing a few posts on Instagram and will explain a little more about each here.


You'll remember this one from a few weeks ago, when I needed some help naming it! Thanks to Satu, it'll now be known as Sagitta - the name suits it perfectly, as not only does the name refer to the arrows within the pattern but also to the geometry, too.


Sagitta is knit sideways using a garter stitch lace pattern that's very easy to memorise. Because it's worked sideways with narrow panels, it's also easier to size than most Hats - you can simply work more or fewer panels. The depth of the panel is best adjusted by gauge, as the stitch pattern isn't quite so forgiving if you remove a stitch repeat.


The pattern comes in written and charted format, and includes illustrated tutorials for all relevant techniques. It is a quicker than you think knit with it's oh so easy to memorise stitch pattern and narrow panels, and you'll find it hard to put down!

The Hat is designed for Miss Bab's Yummy 3-ply and it will be one of their recommended patterns for their November Hat-a-long, so it's absolutely ideal if you want to join the KAL and try something different!

Sagitta will be published on 31st October, next Tuesday, along with the other two new releases for this autumn. Newsletter subscribers will get a little something dropping into their inbox, so if you're not signed up you may want to fix that now.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead