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There are two patterns! Two entirely different patterns.

They cost £3.50 each here, or you can get both for £5.50. On Ravelry they are $5 each or $9 for the pair. The newsletter is going out shortly to let everyone know, but the patterns won't be further discounted so do go ahead and sign up if you're a subscriber! (the patterns are already discounted, and the bundle feature makes them even cheaper if you sign up for both)

This year I've collaborated with two fantastic yarnies - Stolen Stitches and Miss Babs - and each has a thank you offer inside in the Introduction files (this is the first file you'll receive after signing up) - do support these yarnies if you can, and we've allowed plenty of shipping time.

Installment dates are a little different this year:

Pt. 1 – 1st November
Pt. 2 – 8th November
Pt. 3 – 15th November
Pt. 4 - 22nd November
Final pattern release – 29th November

There are 4 installments, not the usual 3, as our Hats are a little different and allow us to work with weekly challenges. There's a mix of construction methods, a mix of stitch patterns, and a mix of yarns.

Hat A is a slouchy beanie, but can be made as a regular beanie - notes will be included.

Hat B is also a slouchy beanie, but not the same shape as Hat A, and there are notes for altering this one, too. If you're thinking more beret like, Hat B is the one for you.

We've already for a discussion thread going so do pop over there with any questions! As always, every inch of help is available via the forum, and I won't be able to answer questions via other avenues - thanks for your understanding :)

See you there?

AuthorTom Paterson