We're almost there with the new book, and I am dead chuffed with the cover!

Painted Woolly Toppers for Kids - my new book, due for release very shortly

Painted Woolly Toppers for Kids - my new book, due for release very shortly


When I surveyed the cover photo in a previous post, although comments here were in favour of the roses, the overwhelming majority across all channels was in favour of this cheeky shot. And I do agree... there are *lots* of cheeky shots inside, more poking out tongues, pulling faces, all sorts of fun, childish behaviour and this sets the tone perfectly.

The hand writing was provided by Aran, and he's proud to have done so.

This week I'm working on the very final edits so that I can get the final draft out to my editors and review copies to dyers, bloggers and reviewers.

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I've not made as much progress with the trapped nerve and RSI club as I'd hoped; I was doing well but then things got difficult again (not sure why, but suspect sleeping conditions and complacency with exercises) and now I'm back to taking things very slowly, with forced regular breaks. I'm also reconsidering my release schedule to keep the pressure at bay.

Because of all this, the print edition won't be ready at the same time as the digital edition, both for the book as well as the single patterns. Print takes much more editing, as I'll need to readjust the blacks, have test prints done etc, and the thought of all that time at this laptop is hurting my brain.

Anyways, keep an eye on the blog/Instagram/Twitter/Newsletter because before you know it, the eBook will be available for pre-order! I'll then introduce the patterns over the coming weeks, and I'm sure you're going to the love the photos as much as the patterns.

Until then.

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