I'm trying to write a blog post on my tablet for the first time; not with the Squarespace app as that's still buggy and tells me I don't have any active websites, but from within the tablet browser. It's not easy, there's not much room in the window display and it feels very clumsy, but it's worth a try.

So then, today I've published Chesser!


This is a fun little Hat that includes a bit of sideways as well as a bit of vetical knitting. It comes in seven sizes AND includes a thorough tutorial on how to custom fit the pattern for diffent gauges or yarn weights. Illustrated tutorials are included for the provisional cast-on and the grafting, and all in all it's a value packed pattern.

The pattern is written for Skein Queen Crush DK which comes in some amazing colourways!  And being a DK, you get all the brilliant hand-dyed loveliness that you'd get with a sock yarn, only it's a lot quicker to knit.

The pattern is named for the suburb of Edinburgh where the yarn festival is held, in the Corn Exchange, where I purchased the yarn. I knew straight away that I'd found the right yarn for the design I had in mind!

We're almost halfway through the patterns now, and the edits are all back from my editors and the book  is in really good shape. I'll take my time working on the last few bits and I expect to have everthing ready to go by the end of the coming week.

I hope you're enjoying the patterns so far? I'd like to show you more images of Chesser but it's proving tricky in this tiny window so you might want to follow the link to the webpage and see them all in the gallery there.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead