Mobberley is the next release from the Painted Woolly Toppers for Kids collection!


There's something rather special about chevrons in garter stitch paired with sideways knitting, and this time I wanted to take it a bit further with a double chevron - and it's pretty effective!


Mobberley is named for the yarn, Mobberley Aran, which is named for where the dyer Yarns from the Plain hails from. Although I try to not give a pattern the same name as the yarn, it seemed the most appropriate and fitting! There's something rather charming and characterful about the name, which fits Aran's posing and attitude just so.


The pattern is sideways knit garter (and all you need to know is included) and the increases and decreases are pretty straightforward. It's a simple and memorable knit that is incredibly striking, don't you think? It wouldn't work at all in a solid colour yarn - it needs that bright variegation!


The yarn is a wonderfully woolly and sturdy (but still soft!) British yarn, and that structure works so well with the pattern. It says solid and warm and playful all at the same time.

The Mobberley pattern comes in 4 sizes, and of course being sideways knit, there's always the option of adjusting row gauge and trying it on as you go. Gotta love a sideways knit Hat :)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead