I've never really been comfortable with the idea of donations. Don't get me wrong, I do donate to charity and open source projects when I can, as well as the odd kickstarter to support friends and interesting projects, when I can afford to. But receiving donations is a whole other thing. I'd add the button when folk request it, but then end up taking it down again... and it's hard to explain exactly why, but suffice to say I'm a proud working class girl?

That said, I appreciate that folk want to support me, us. I really do. Usually I'd say "buy a pattern or eBook!" or if that fails 'cos you've bought them all already "buy a pattern or an eBook for a friend!" (seriously, you are bloomin' amazing). And sometimes I know folk just want to give something, and I think I've found a way to let you do that that sits well with me, too.

tip jar

On the free content pages (free patterns, tutorials) you'll find something that looks like this:

It's discreet, simple and hopefully inoffensive and totally not in your face when you click through to one of those pages. I think it'd be better in the sidebar on those pages rather than where it is right now, but SquareSpace haven't made that easy in SS6/7 (it was an option in SS5 and is a commonly requested feature) and my coding isn't up to working it out backend today, so it is where it is for now.

This feel like such a big step! We'll see how I get on with it...

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