Pinua comes with a story of a trip to a pine forest. Walking about, I noticed the bold, graphic qualities of the tree branches and decided that I had to try capturing that in a Hat. The result is Pinua.
It all starts with soft garter stitch interrupted by straight lines. The lines turn into tree trunks, and I used traveling stitches to mimic branches. Pinua is worked in the round, bottom-up and assumes you are comfortable with cables and twisted stitches.

Pinua is my latest design, and it's my contribution to the Miss Babs Fall 2016 collection!


Pinua features this wonderful textural motif that works it's way up from the Brim, through the Body, and into the Crown. The pattern includes options for the garter stitch Brim (shown) and a twisted rib Brim, which shows off the pattern just as well.


With this being a gathered slouchy Hat, I wanted to ensure that the pattern works effortlessly with the gathered effect and I think I got it just right - all too often a gathered Crown kinda loses all the detail. I really like the way the Crown reveals a hint of detail without being all that complicated. There are a few unusual stitches to this Hat, but nothing difficult or tricksy, and it is a relaxing, meditative knit.


The pattern is worked bottom up and in the round, and that textured pattern features lots of tiny cables. Fear not, as I've all those fresh tutorials for cabling without a needle to help you work through it more quickly!

The pattern comes in 4 sizes and includes both charted and written instructions, with illustrated tutorials for the extra bits you might want some help with.

I do hope you enjoy the pattern! I really enjoyed working with the yarn, Kunlun, which is lovely and soft and offers such strong stitch definition. You can see more of the Miss Babs Fall 2016 on Ravelry - do pop over and have a perusal :)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead