It's been a little while since I mentioned the new collection here, but it's almost done. 2nd round of edits are all in, so with the exception of one last tutorial and the final round of edits, it's good to go.

Except for the photo editing. This has been held up by a) the trapped never in my neck and the multiple RSI's in my right arm and b) photo editing.

Discovering that my favourite RAW editor didn't support my new camera threw me off a bit last year when I bought it, but I've been able to get by with editing JPEGs in Gimp. But not so with this new collection.... shooting against a black background has been a huge learning experience, from building a giant light tent on the plot to using my zoom lens with a wide depth of field (which takes me further out of my comfort zone than I can express). The photo editing isn't a big job on this per se, as the photos are sharp and uncontaminated; the main issue was the constantly changing light and fast moving kids. And because of this, the main concern is in matching skin tones and yarn colours and blacks for the background, all of which I'd always do in RAW. Learning a whole new software, a heavy front end and extremely powerful software, all whilst trying to limit time at the computer is bound to make this part.... longer than it needs to be.

BUT! I'm almost done with the RAW editing! And while I plug away (slowly, just a few hours per day) with the editing, care to share your opinions on the cover shot? These aren't the final edits, but I think these are the final 2 shots.


Tongues or metal roses? And do tell me why!

There is the back cover too, so neither shot will be wasted and I think they play pretty nicely together. But I can't decided.... Twitter and Instagram are pretty unanimous at the time of posting... care to share your thoughts?

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