I've been meaning to post for ages and let you know that I've been adding lots of new tutorials, and now that pile has grown somewhat!

The landing page is the best place to find them all, but I haven't yet figured out how to make it active by simply clicking on Tutorials in the header (something I loved in SS5 and is sorely missing in SS7). Fear not though, as I'm keeping the page up to date with links to all of the methods.

And there are new pages! I've since added Grafting, Garter Stitch, Short Rows, Slipped Stitches, Cables and probably a few more I've not mentioned before. As there are rather a lot, here's an overview below, and feel free to go and have a rummage through the pages.

German Short Rows
I've only recently started to explore this method, and didn't want to recommend it until I'd learnt how they grafted, how much they differed to the wrap and turn method, and the best situations to use them. Currently I have PDF tutorials for GSR in garter stitch, and for grafting GSR in garter stitch. Further more, I've short video clips for each, too!

(I really want to expand on the blurb for the IG videos... "Short knitting tutorial video clips - ideal for slow internet connections, limited bandwidth or those who like their info succinct. No music, no talking, no time wasting - just straight to the point." but figured that sounded a little off)

This is one of the videos, to give you an idea. You'll find the rest from the Short Rows page. And naturally grafting GSR is also on the Grafting page.


I do like this method, it has advantages and disadvantages just like any other method. It's not as invisible in garter stitch, it gives a more pronounced look, which is not necessarily a bad thing. And I don't think it will be as adaptable in 2 sided stitch patterns or blend as easily (the main reason I ran with w&t for Going Straight). It is easier to graft though, which is a huge bonus as grafting w&t can be fiddly. Like most knitting techniques, there isn't a right or wrong method. As long as you understand what your stitches are doing and are happy with the result, it's all good.

Slipped Stitches
I'm enjoying these right now. So simple in their concept yet so effective. And I really like them with garter stitch.


There's more to follow on this method, and the PDFs can be on the Slipped Stitches page. I'm working on a very special project that involves slipped stitches and grafting and sideways knitting, but I'll talk more about that another time!

We finally had the chance to shoot some short videos for Cabling Without a Needle, and the first has just gone live. The PDF tutorial was published years ago, but once we started with the IG videos I knew this was one I wanted to cover. The second tutorial is due in a few days.


There will be overlap between the pages, which is how it should be I think. I like the way I can expand on the methods and topics, rather than have things cramped or layered under pages - it's easy to navigate, and you can get straight to where you want to.

If anyone is concerned that they don't have an IG account but still want to watch the videos - you can! They will play on the page as you view them, within this website, and if you want to click through and read the discussion, clicking on the comment's bubble at the bottom of the frame will open a new window in your browser where you can read the discussion and view at a larger scale. You only need an IG account if you wish to comment or follow along directly.

On the RSI and trapped nerve front, I have more movement and less pain than I had a week ago! Regular exercises, lots of breaks, painkillers, ice packs and more has helped. I am still working (albeit slowly), I have to, and it's great to see improvement. I am a bit bored though, as I really want to dive into things but I'm holding back so as to not make anything worse. Patience was never my virtue, as we know...

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