It feels like I've spent months in pain, and well, I guess I have. Recovering from Edinburgh Yarn Festival took it's time, but something lingered and continued to nag, and this week my doctor has confirmed my hunch.

Not only do I have a trapped nerve in my neck, I also have multiple RSIs in my right arm. There isn't one prominent RSI concern, and there's no sign of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (that's the good news), it's more a combination of factors causing a painful mess that's not playing nice with the trapped nerve. There's some tennis elbow, some biceps tendonitis in the upper arm and supraspinatus tendonitis in the shoulder. Ouch.

Electrifying spasms are quite common, and incredibly painful, caused by the simplest of movements. And I got a telling off from my doctor for not looking after myself as well as I should as a self employed sort (I didn't dare say that I've been kinder to myself this year than those gone by, but hey) and so this blog post is as much a reminder to myself as it is to everyone that I have no choice again but to take things easy.

Fortunately, although the coming winter is set to be a busy one, I've done the bulk of the work already. And what I can't do in the coming weeks will just have to wait. Tom has been helping where he can but as is always the way, there's an awful lot that really only I can do. I've all the photo editing to finish for the new kiddy collection, for instance. And the layout work. One or other of these is fine but both is a big job, and so they'll take priority over everything else.

Regular breaks and exercise is the way to go. And being strict with my schedule.

Today sees the start of a 11 day solitude break, which I'm very much in need off! I'll still be posting here, Instagram and Ravelry, but otherwise I've turned off the phones, locked all the doors and told everyone to pretend I'm not here. Being able to wake and sleep quietly and at my own pace should help me to refocus, which in turn should help me productive both with work and rest.

Before I head off for a break and some stretches, I'll leave you with some eye candy...


Marcin, husband to Justyna of LetesKnits, has started hand dyeing yarn and it's lovely stuff! They very generously sent some in the post this week for me to play with, and I can't wait for my arm to improve so I can start designing with it! You can find Martin's Lab here - enjoy!


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