Remember these Hats? I made them last year...


I always planned to do some sort of knit-a-long with them, in a tutorial come make your own pattern way, but time and headspace (the lack of) got the better of me and I couldn't make it happen.


I took lots of photos at various stages but never finished writing everything. We've since built lots of extra tutorials - PDF and videos - so I can offer more online support for the technical stuff (short rows can be your friend). The writing side shouldn't take too long; it isn't prescriptive, it's more a set of guidelines to help encourage your own creativity.

And honestly, I could really do with doing something fun right now. I'm sure you could, too. You can use your scraps, decide which direction your Hat will go in, and follow along and see what other folk are creating.

Give me a few days to get the pattern tutorial nailed, and shall we say July? I'll be travelling a bit during the month but won't be without internet access for long. I'll share the individual posts on Instagram and Facebook (and in turn, they'll share to twitter but the character limit will result in a click through) - would you prefer to have each instalment shared here, too?

Hashtag will be #wwscrapalong. Please say you'll join me!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead