Well that was an overwhelming response!


I had a bit of time this morning and made the few necessary updates, and the Hatopia eBook is now available again. I've listed the amount I will donate to our fund for each copy sold going forward - doing it this way feels most comfortable with me.

As with all of my eBooks, I've made the collection available as a bundle offer - what this means is that when you buy the eBook at full price, you also get all of the single patterns added to your library. Also, should you purchase any of the single patterns, once you've spent the cover price, you get the whole bundle - and yes, past purchases are valid. This is a fantastic way for me to offer the patterns, and it allows you to download one or all as and when you need them. The downside is that patterns or eBooks bought with another coupon or promotion aren't included - this is simply because Ravelry has said they can't track how much has been spent, as the monetary value is the key factor to the bundle. (so essentially, buy any 3 patterns from the collection at full price and you get the whole lot - not bad, eh?)

The heat is kicking in big time here and it'll soon be time for me to return. It's hard to work with this heat, and to complicate things further RSI in my shoulder and upper arm is a problem at the moment, so I'm not really getting much choice about taking things easy. Thankfully, I'm mostly ready for the coming season and have all sorts of great things lined up, so I should be able to have some time off this summer!

Enjoy :)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead