If you were one of the wonderful people who helped our fundraiser three summers back by purchasing a copy of Hatopia, would you mind sharing your thoughts on something?


When I published Hatopia to raise funds to fight the legal battle the Yard faced, I only ever envisaged it as a short term, limited edition collection. That way you, the contributor to our cause, would get something special as a thank you.

Now though, I'm getting more and more emails asking if the collection will be republished. And I'm undecided about this.

Hatopia was something special to help raise awareness and raise funds, and only that. Lots has changed since then, including the Yard's legal victory! eBook prices have gone up, EUVat has kicked in; the landscape has changed in many ways.

I could offer it again and suggest I pay percentage or flat amount of the purchase price into the Yard pot. Accountability won't be what it was, as the original PayPal fundraiser account doesn't exist any more, so I'd have to ask you to trust me.

Or others may argue that now that the fundraiser is finished, it doesn't matter - being able to help was reward enough.

And there will be other opinions, too, including wanting to keep the collection as it was, a limited edition eBook, and not republish it.

I'm inclined to offer it again, with your approval, and pay an amount from each sale into the pot; I'm thinking of a flat rate (£1 or £2 or something) rather than a percentage, as PayPal fees and EUVat skew that.

So can I ask what your thoughts are? I feel I need to ask for your guidance as the whole project weighed so heavily on your input.

Thanks in advance!

ps/ I still have most of my social media switched off until next week, so probably won't pick up any replies to automated posts on Twitter or FB - sorry but I'll ask you to post here or Instagram instead! (though I'll pick them up next week, I don't want you to think that I'm ignoring you :)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead