I've had a little tidy up of the Tutorial pages. Before I explain about that, here's the latest IG video tutorial that we've filmed!


We've been working hard on getting these up to scratch. The crochet provisional cast-on is one of my faves, and was the very first IG video we posted a year or so ago. The links to the old one are still there as I don't believe you can have too many views of the same thing, but I am glad of the cleaner, lighter presentation in this new version.

Recording them has been trickier than we expected, mostly because I want a light and consistent feel to them, and light doesn't always play nicely when you expect it to. Having set up a mini recording studio in the corner of the studio trailer, where natural light is sufficiently blocked out (yup, our biggest issues were over exposure and strong casts) and where we have space for the the tripod and artificial light (courtesy of a few full spectrum LED bulbs) it's finally going smoothly.

the latest IG video being edited in Blender, the open source animation software

the latest IG video being edited in Blender, the open source animation software


Tom's doing the editing in Blender, which has a pretty sharp learning curve but it's open source with more tutorial videos than you'll ever need available free online, and it's proving to be worth the effort. I'm happy that Tom has more of a role than the occasional model in the biz too, as he's pretty good with the video side of things (filming drone boy that he is) and it'd be a shame not to make the most of that. Accessibility is still my primary concern, especially for folks like ourselves with next-to-nothing internet or expensive data plans, and I plan to continue to offer the 15sec IG videos as a compliment to the PDF tutorials whenever I can.

Now that we're on a roll with this, I figured it was time to break up the Tutorials section further into specific sections for easier navigation. Instead of being grouped by format, they're grouped by technique, which makes far more sense especially given the growing number of tutorials I have now!

Follow the Tutorials section in the drop down menu above and you'll see how I've broken things down. There are a couple of landing pages too that are unlinked should anyone come in from one of the links in my patterns, or via an old link - I've tried to think of everything and everyone!

The only bit I'm not sure about is how to categorise what I've listed as the 'Structural Methods' - techniques that to me are very structural, and quite separate from other covered aspects. Has anyone any suggestions on that? I'm happy to break the page down further but am not keen to have a single tutorial sitting on a page alone unless I know I'm going to be adding more in the near future.

Anyways, I hope this is all helpful and adds to the value of this site! Quite a bank of techniques and tutorials are building, and I'm pretty excited to be working on more, both as PDFs and 15sec IG videos.

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