I am here, promise!

Since getting back from Edinburgh Yarn Festival I've had to slow things down a bit. I managed to trigger an old injury in my neck and shoulder, and that's causing me a fair few issues. I'm getting treatment, a mix of massages, seeing the chiropractor, resting, heat treatments and so on, and slowly but surely I'm getting movement back AND I'm remembering not to run off out and do something daft to trigger it all again (which was me, last week; felt better, did photoshoot! felt rough again)

One of the main problems I have is using the laptop, as too much time here causes shooting pains in my wrist and upper arm. And that's a nuisance, as there's only so much work I can do without this laptop. Similarly, too much knitting isn't a great help, either. So I'm breaking my time up with a little relaxing in the garden, maybe potting up a few succulents, knitting a little, typing a little, sleeping a little.

And this all means that I'm slow to respond to emails, and slow to get to admin. I ask that you please be patient with me while I recover. (and really, typing this out loud is a massive nudge to me to be patient with myself, too. Which I'm really rather rubbish at.)

ps/ that's a few swatches I've knit for upcoming tutorial PDFs and IG videos, in the photo above. And that project bag was a special treat from Joy at The Knitting Goddess - she has them up in her shop now. Pretty cool, huh?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead