I've written (ranted?) at length before about our frequent lack of internet. It's not an issue when we're settled for a while in the UK, but you know us, we like to travel and complicate things. And when we're on the Yard it gets especially difficult as there are 20 odd folk all trying to access what would be considered a slow domestic service by most standards. The modem pictured is a fix of sorts, with 100hrs a month, although the quality of service varies depending on signal, weather, and how many others are trying to get online at the same time. It's incredibly frustrating to waste hours trying to do something that would take minutes on a half decent broadband service, and it's hard not to feel disadvantaged. This all serves as a constant reminder that accessibility on the web is still a thing - high speed broadband is a huge privilege.

I've kinda found a workaround to my inability to watch let alone upload video tutorials - Instagram videos. They're not a replacement to the tutorial PDFs, more an addition, something to work in tangent with. IG videos are limited to 15secs which means I have to be clever about squeezing everything in! They take a long time to upload, but once up they become a permanent part of my IG feed (rather than being hosted on a separate site like YouTube), I can send them to my Facebook page and they are easily linkable - in fact, I've set up a new Knitting Video tutorial page so that you can access them all. I'm enjoying this medium, with both the advantages and challenges it provides.

As I type Tom's working on editing a video tutorial for the Alternate Cable cast-on, to accompany the PDF. This is my most popular tutorial download and I've been itching for sometime to upload an IG video to show it in motion. I've lots of plans for more techniques, it'd be the perfect medium for demonstrating increases and decreases for example.

As I'm in planning mode, are there any techniques you'd like to see in this format? Perhaps something to accompany one of the many tutorial PDFs?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead