The very last paid-for pattern to be rephotographed, updated and republished is the Urchin Cap.

And it's a fitting end to the republishing/rephotographing project, as this Hat was the very first pattern I put up for sale - it's product code is WW001K. (the free patterns I'd published prior to this, such as Tri-Peak, were given later product codes as I bought that system in)

I didn't reknit this one in a newer, more up-to-date yarn for a few reasons. It's not a best selling pattern, and chunky yarns at this gauge aren't common, and I didn't want to regauge or redesign. And really, I like the yarn this one is knit in - it photographs well with it's gentle variegation and yes, it might be discontinued or it might be hard to find, and I can understand the frustration to knitters wishing to knit the exact Hat, but it will work for hand-spun and yarns of a similar gauge, and I'm all for encouraging you to be a little adventurous with your yarn choices.

You wouldn't believe how many shoots this Hat has been taken to, only for me to not be happy with the shots. But we got it this time, and it suits Silvia really well (whereas it didn't suit the other Silvia at all!)

Everyone should now have the update for this in their Ravelry libraries, and non-Ravelry members can access the pattern with their download email.

(and even though I've finished the republishing/rephotographing project, you know I'll still keep rephotographing them anyway, yes? Some habits die hard. And hey, more great photos of different Hats on different models never goes amiss)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead
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