Hoorah! I've finished the new site build and switched the domains over this morning. And this is my first blog post from the new home!

I've still one or two minor things to tweak, and they should be done this week.. nothing relating to the layout of the site, either. Some of the translated free patterns need a little tidy up and uploading, and I'm going to update the Teaching/Workshops page, too.

I'm happy with the site overall and think it's been worth the effort. Uploading all of the images for the single pattern pages was quite the task, but otherwise I've mostly enjoyed it.

There are some new menu folders and extra tutorial pages, to try and spread the content and make it easier to find and quicker to load. There's so much info available on this site and it's no easy job trying to lay it all out in an easy to use way. There isn't a page showing all of the Hats I have available as that would be impossible - if I included free patterns and those only available in books, that's way over 200 images I'd need to load into a grid menu and the page just wouldn't load. The old site didn't have this, either, for the same reasons. I'm hoping the extra categories and menus make up for this.

What do you think? Is the load time OK? The mobile responsiveness is rather smart and it all loads reasonably well here, so it should be fine on regular connections. Keen to hear your thoughts!

And now that's done, I can breathe and move onto the next big projects.

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