I've been resistant to increasing prices on any of my products, but sometimes needs must. The single patterns will remain the same, and from the 1st January the eBooks will have a new pricing structure:

eBooks with >10 patterns: £15/$24
eBooks with 10 patterns: £12.50/$20
eBooks with <10 patterns: £10/$16
eBooks with <4 patterns: £7.50/$12

Single patterns will remain priced at: £3.75/$6

There are a few reasons for the need to increase - some of it is to do with the exchange rate and currency fluctuations, which doesn't look to settle or improve any time soon and this has a knock-on effect on my costs (sometimes this works in my favour, other times not). This increase also allows me to add in an extra price point, as I've a few collections planned that have less than 10 patterns and I want to maintain a good balance between value of the collection vs the value of the singles. I also want to keep my prices generally in line with market price, as I don't want to feel like I'm undercutting, underpricing or undervaluing. When the EUVat kicked in I didn't change the prices of the eBooks that much, and I'm now earning less on these as I was (eBooks are the most costly items to produce). And given my current health my costs are increasing overall, even without these additional factors, as I'm outsourcing more and more work, and I have to try to keep things balanced this end. 

Pricing is hard.

I still believe the eBooks offer excellent value, given the amount of patterns and tutorials included, and especially given the market as it is. The current set up that allows you to buy the bundle and have the amount you've already spent be deducted will continue, and I will still continue to offer both currencies to give you the choice and best value for money.

I know I don't have to justify any of this, but I do like to be transparent so you can see how your money is being spent!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead