Earlier in the year I mentioned some yarn that was sent my way from a new indie dyer - this blog post might remind you! Well, during our travels over the summer I was able to (gently) knit a new Hat for Aran with the brightest of the yarns; a cosy comfy Hat that he could grow into, and the pattern is now ready.

Aran asked that we take a Wolverine shot, and so we did

Aran asked that we take a Wolverine shot, and so we did


A fisherman's rib Hat is the perfect Hat for a lively yarn like Marcin's Caterpillar, and it'll make for perfect TV or travel knitting. One skein is all you need for any of the sizes, and there's enough left in the skein to add a bit of extra length, should you prefer.


Fisherman's rib is very room and yardage thirsty, hence it'll make a very stretchy Hat - this one is a little big for Aran I think, and it fits me, so there's plenty of room for him to grow into it! And as Fisherman's rib naturally adds width, there's no need to add extra stitches to encourage the slouch - it does it all by itself.


I really enjoyed working with the Comfy DK from Martin's Lab - it has a generous yardage and is soft and pliable. I'm slowly hatching plans for the other skeins in my stash... I'm thinking something more for Aran and Ivy-Mae, given that the bright colours and superwash yarn hint towards kids Hats.


Don't forget though that even thought I design kids Hats and model them on kids, they nearly always go up to adult sizes! Aran will be 9 in March, and he has a 21.75in circumference head - that same size is the average adult female - so if it fits him, it'll likely fit you, too.


If you pop over to the Free Patterns page you can download the PDF from there.


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