Our 9th annual MKAL is open, and it's a bit different to previous years - there are THREE patterns!

The three designs are all related, and there is a beret version, a beanie version and a slouchy version. There's an eBook/bundle option should you wish to buy all 3, or you can purchase the beret pattern by itself, or the beanie+slouchy version by itself.

And thanks to Ravelry's bundle promotion, if you buy one of the single versions then decide later that you'd like the other, simply add the 2nd pattern to your cart and it should automatically charge you the difference (please do ensure that purchase in the same currency for this to be effective - ££ here, $$ on Ravelry)

Instalment dates are the same as they are every year - 1st, 9th & 17th November - and any and all chat, questions, tips or tricks will be hosted in my Raverly group.

Go, go, go and see you on the forum!

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