I've spent quite some time today editing the photos I took of Tucked on Alyx in the spring, trying to get the colours right. It's not easy, as this tonal shade of pink and grey keeps trying to be blue or purple, but I think I've got there. And I thought you'd like to see more views of the Hat, too.

With these photos you can see how the short rows and the tucks shape the Hat around the head towards the crown; except the crown of the Hat isn't worn on the crown of the head. Instead, the Hat finishes mid way down the back of the Hat where the tucks converge to a close. And although the Hat is worn this way, it can easily be worn with the close at the front, or off centre to the side - there really is no wrong way to wear this.

Tomorrow I'll talk about yarn and the type of fabric we're aiming to achieve, so you can get yourself prepared for the KAL!









AuthorWoolly Wormhead