This was something I planned to write about earlier in the year, that 2015 sees the 10th anniversary of so many things. Yet the words weren't there and I struggled to write, as I have on many occasions this year. 

January saw the 10th anniversary of mine and Tom's first meeting, and the beginning of our relationship. September 21st is the 10th anniversary of this blog, where Woolly Wormhead first came to be online, and November sees the 10th anniversary of my first self published pattern (Tri-Peak, Nov 14th).

That's quite a lot of anniversaries for one year, don't you think?! Tom and I had a pizza and a few glasses of wine, we're content with a quiet do. For my Woolly Wormhead anniversaries, I felt that a new pattern release, for something special, and a unique KAL to support the pattern would be the perfect way to celebrate.



Tucked has been waiting for the right moment to be published. Ever since I first blogged about it last year, and then shared photos on Instagram from the photoshoot we had with this Hat earlier in the year, Tucked has received an incredible amount of interest. When I take it to trunk shows and workshops, it is *the* most tried on and adored Hat. I get emails on a regular basis asking when it will be published, and I've not wanted to rush it and have it be lost amongst the book release.

On the 14th September, you'll be able to purchase the Tucked pattern.

On the 21st September, the KAL will start in my Ravelry group, and it'll be a KAL with a difference. And with prizes! (because I can't have a 10th anniversary pattern release and KAL without prizes, right?)

Due to the construction of the Hat, it's pretty much ungradable with numbers. After a lot of thought and feedback, I decided to push ahead with it as a pattern that is graded with gauge alone.

The KAL will not only cover all the techniques included in the pattern - provisional cast-on, joining live sts, tucks (welts), short rows and grafting - we'll also record our gauge and how that has affected size of the finished Hat. It'll be a kind of techni-KAL! I will provide everything you need to know, including row gauge and how the short rows affect length at the back and the front, and how you could alter the length for a better fit, at the start of the KAL. And I'll be there throughout (except for the weekend I'm teaching at the Swiss Wool Festival) to guide you through it.

On the yarn front, Tucked is knit in Wollmeise DK, which is incredibly sproingy and has great yardage. The pattern is thirsty on the yardage front with all those tucks, and you'll be looking at wanting around 279yd/255m. The sample size is generous and fits even larger heads, so I don't think you'll be wanting more than that (and that figure does also include 10% tolerance as usual).

I'm really excited to have reached 10 years of Woolly Wormhead, and to be publishing Tucked as a celebration of that. I do hope you'll join us and knit this intriguing Hat! Don't forget to join the mailing list, as details of the publication (including any special offers) will go out there, first.

Do hope you'll join us!

ps/ comments haven't been working of late, and SquareSpace are looking into it - in the meantime I've switched the Captcha off, as that seemed to be the culprit, so you can post comments again :) (just don't all spam me, K?)

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