When my Nan died I received a little inheritance and as a family, we wanted to fly off to New Zealand for a while and explore. Yet the amount didn't cover the cost of the flights for the three of us, and although I put feelers out for workshops and trunk shows, the additional costs were beyond our budget and we sadly had to put an end to that plan.

And then this trailer came up for sale on the Yard. And with all the changes under the new contract, we were given a bit of extra space and we thought what the hell, let's buy this beast, restore it, and have somewhere for family and friends to stay when they visit us when we're there.



So my Nan bought us the trailer (thank you Nan!)

And yesterday saw it being towed and parked in our plot.



It's *huge*. I've always loved the idea of living in a railway carriage and this is as close as I'll likely ever get. It's not a railway carriage, and is infact two German army trailers joined together on a flatbed. The flatbed itself is 1.5m off the ground, and the combined length is 10m; overall height is 3.5m.







It does need a lot of work and Tom's feeling a little daunted by that this morning! But it'll happen, and we've time until next spring to get it all done.

The current plan is to have a bedroom at each end, with the living eating/dining/seating area in the middle. The woodburner stove needs moving, and the kitchen is at one end so that's got to be shifted too. It also needs an external paint job (one side was painted with a mural for the Vertigo Truth project but otherwise it's a little rusty in places) and it needs a bit of damp work on the ceiling, which is nothing more than a treatment and sealing paint (the doors get left open over winter one day which created the damp; thankfully there are no leaks). A lot of what we need for the internal build is already in there, which will help our rather limited budget go further.

So yeah, this morning it was incredibly exciting to wake up and know the new trailer was there, and then in no time we both felt overwhelmed by the amount of work that lies ahead! That said, this is the beginning of the next chapter after the Yard's long legal battle and recognition, and I am very much looking forward to cracking on and having a new project to work on and share.


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