The first weekend in October sees the first Swiss Wulle Festival, and I'll be there teaching!

My workshops will include my now signature Hat design workshop (full day) and Turning Sideways and Cast-on, Cast-off as two half day workshops, both of which have proved pretty popular previously. It'll be two packed full days for me, but it'll be fun too.

I'll be travelling in from Italy, not the UK, which in turn means I get to use the Continental trains! I've not used the trains in Italy or across the European mainland or anywhere really outside of the UK (massive fail, I know)(actually, I fib; I've used the trains in Thailand) and that adventure alone is exciting enough. I'll set off from Rimini, change in Milan then catch the fast train to Zug. The first train is a slow one but that's OK; I set off daftly early in the morning and it'll give me a chance to wake up slowly, relax, and knit some. The faster train for the first leg didn't really gain much anyhows, only an extra change.

There's a whole bunch of great tutors at the festival, and there are a few I haven't met before either, which will add to the fun - the workshop selection is brilliant. Lots of talking to be done! I'm also looking forward to the marketplace as there are several new to me vendors and I can't wait to see what different yarns and goodies are on offer.

There are still some places available on a few workshops so if you're planning on going, I'd head over and book as soon as possible, before everything gets booked up. It's set to be a pretty exciting event - see you there?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead