The mammoth task of rephotograghing and reformatting my back catalogue is almost done, with the exception of one or two patterns. All of the Woolly Toppers books have also been reformatted to work with the new printer guidelines and I can now let the world know that I have my own wholesale catalogue!

My patterns and books are all being printed by Magcloud for wholesale, and the quality is fantastic. When I took those first sample books to TNNA I felt proud of the product I was promoting, as the print and paper quality is so much better. Those who have seen the print copy of Painted Woolly Toppers have all commented how fantastic the photos look, and how they even look better in print than they do on screen. I've never achieved this with POD before, especially with CreateSpace (CS have their plus points but paper and print quality aren't one of them) and it feels... exciting. Like I've finally got the hang of this print malarkey.

And this in turn means I can offer wholesale direct. My stuff is still available through Ravelry In-Store and from Deep South Fibers. What I'm doing in is in addition to those, and in support of. Let me explain.

My wholesale catalogue comes in the form of a PDF, which is a comprehensive list of all my publications broken down into books, latest pattern releases, best selling patterns then back catalogue patterns, with the back catalogue listed via yarn weight then style. Each listing in the catalogue contains an active link to the (private) wholesale listing on Magcloud - each Magcloud listing allows you to browse the publication then add the item to your cart. It's pretty clever, really!

Streamlining the wholesale ordering process means that shops and yarnies order in their own time, when it suits them, without the need to place an order with me, have me place the order with Magcloud, then invoice the retailer. You buy as much or as little as you want (no minimum orders, pay at time of ordering) and the items are then printed either in Europe or the US, and dispatched direct to you.


Even if you're buying through DSF or using the Rav In-Store, the wholesale PDF catalogue is still a useful tool, as it allows you to preview the entire publication in your browser - which isn't possible anywhere else for digital sales! Infact it's rare to have this option with print sales, and it's a key feature that retailers have said they value greatly.

So then.... the wholesale catalogue is managed through the wholesale mailing list, where the price lists and bonus extras are also offered. The wholesale mailing list goes out every 2 or 3 months with news of new releases and an updated catalogue. This makes it so, so much easier for me to manage, freeing up time for creating more Hats.

And who can join the mailing list? Any yarn shop owner, yarn company or indie dyer/spinner. If you retail yarn and patterns, then simply send me an email with the name of your shop, your email address and your contact name with 'wholesale catalogue' in the title, and I'll add you to the list. I'm as happy for Etsy sellers to get in touch as I am larger yarn stores.

Please do let your local yarn shop or indie dyer know about this, and help spread the word. Thanks!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead