Striato is my latest pattern release, although having designed it 2 years ago it does feel a little strange to be introducing it as new!



The beanie version was published in Simply Knitting magazine last year, although I don't know which issue or exactly when, so I can't add that information to the Ravelry database. That said, only the beanie version was published with SK, and I'm happy to release both versions together within one pattern.



The pattern is designed for The Little Knitting Company's Cashmere & yak, which I've designed other patterns for, and it really is a luscious yarn. I got both these samples out of 50g of each with yarn to spare!



One of the reasons I'm later than planned publishing this pattern is the photos - I seemed to really struggle to get photos that I was happy with - it just seems to go that way with some Hats. This was the first time working with Silvia and she's great fun!



The pattern comes in 4 sizes, is provided in written format, and includes an illustrated tutorial for the cast-on. It's also available wholesale, so if you've got my new digital wholesale catalogue, you'll find the pattern in there already, so you can stock up on copies for your LYS.


AuthorWoolly Wormhead