Last week Aran had his latest consultant appointment, the first of his annual tests. He's now had clear results (i.e. no protein or blood traces, no kidney relapses) for 6 months and he's been discharged from the clinic :)

This is great news, as it means they're no longer concerned that he could have a kidney relapse if he falls ill, though we'll still monitor him for a while for our own peace of mind - we're so used to being in kidney watch mode that it's going to take some time to adjust. We'll now have his annual tests through our GP, which offers us more flexibility and will feel less... pressured. We're sick of hospitals.

He is as well as he could be. They can't rule out kidney disease later on in life, hence the annual tests. But we know that; we know that we'll likely never be told that he's fully recovered, but we'll take this silver lining, thanks. They do tell us his chances are good, and that's good enough for us. After a horrible 19 months we're so very glad to have reached this point.

What with the signing of the new contract on the Yard and now good news for Aran, we're finally starting to close doors on what has been a very challenging and horrible 3 years. 


ps/ I bought a new camera for work - a Nikon D5500 - and this is one of the first shots we took with it. I overspent on the budget, and despite the sting, I've no regrets at all. I'll be selling my D5000 (with it's 18-55mm AF-S lens) in the next few weeks.

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