I'm now back and (mostly) recovered from TNNA, and that means Painted Woolly Toppers is now published!

Digital pre-purchasers will have had the link to the full eBook - if you haven't, either drop me an email or comment on the Rav thread and I'll look into that for you.

Not only has the eBook gone live, but so has the print edition! After reading everyone's feedback, I went to Magcloud with the intention of offering both a stapled and perfect bound version - only to discover that the cover on the staple bound version is the same paper as the pages, and I really didn't think that would stand up to much. The paper for the pages is the best I've ever felt from a POD printer, but the cover does need to be heavier stock.

So... I went with a perfect bound option that includes the eBook for free. And I'm willing to gift the eBook via Ravelry *if* you can forward your receipt for the print edition. Just don't all email me at once, K? 

purchase print editon at Magcloud

The feedback on the book so far has been great, and it's even got it's first review over in the latest edition of Knitty! Shop owners at TNNA loved it, and knitters are telling me that they want to knit all of the patterns, not just a few. And that's very encouraging to hear. Joy at the Knitting Goddess has been working her way through all the Hats so she has plenty of samples for shows, and other indie dyers have started their samples, too. Considering that it's the summer and Hat season is at it's slowest, it's all feeling very positive!

Back end, the new wholesale catalogue is going out in the next day or two, so if your local yarn shop wants to stock the book, get them to email me with their info and they'll get a copy of the catalogue. Likewise, indie dyers can get in touch too - this book was published to support indie yarnies after all!

It's also time to start planning knit-a-longs over in the Ravelry group - which of the PWT2 Hats are your faves, and which would you like us to work through together?

I do hope you like the book :)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead