I guess this post isn't just introducing Niamh as a single pattern, but also a massive thank you.

Although the demolition order was annulled last year, Mutonia was still potentially at risk until the new contracts were agreed upon and signed. And that has now happened. The community has won, and the community is secure with recognition from the authorities. And Mutonia now embraces the next chapter as a public sculpture park.

The rights to Niamh returned back to me some time ago from Cooperative Press, possibly as much as two years ago (!) but you know what the last couple of years have thrown at us, and the to-do list has been rather long. An impromptu photoshoot on site with the amazing Roberta (who also modelled for Hatopia, also within the Time Machine) yielded this great photo, and with that came the chance to have a new lease of life as a single pattern. 

The support from all walks of life and all corners of globe for Mutonia has been incredible. And it's this corner, the woolly corner, of which I'm proudest. Offering this pattern for free for a limited time feels like the least I can do to give something back.

By all means, share the news with friends! However, please share the link to the blog post, the pattern page, Ravelry or any of the images floating around the net - please don't share the file. Besides respecting my copyright, it means that everyone downloading from a legit link will get any updates, corrections etc should they ever be needed.

Thank you, and enjoy :)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead