I've been beavering away back here, getting the layout finished for the first draft of Painted Woolly Toppers, so it can to my editors and they can do their magic. I haven't had a chance yet to send out a Newsletter to announce the pre-release, yet the support has been amazing over the long weekend - thank you! 

Now that the first draft has been sent, I'll be turning my attention to reformatting the other Woolly Toppers collections for print wholesale and retail. And I'm back at this point again where I have to decide between perfect binding and saddle stitch binding.

Can you help me?

Perfect Binding

Looks fab on the shelf - not sure yet whether they'll be space for text on the spine, but nonetheless this is best option for actually looking like a book.

However, with some binders it doesn't take much effort for the spine to fall apart. It's not very practical for regular use.

Saddle Stitch

The stapled variety. This is very, very practical - it'll allow you to spread the pages open, make notes, make working copies etc.

However, it doesn't look that good on a book shelf. It's designed for books that are practical and used.


And I can't decide between form and function! I love the look of perfect bound, and to me it doesn't feel like a real book without it. Yet I know saddle stitch is far more practical, especially on a small book.

I'd like some really thorough feedback if I can - from yarn shop owners about what their customers prefer. From you, the knitter - how do you treat your books? Which would you prefer? (these are the only two options available to me through Magcloud, btw) I did ask in my Ravelry group a couple of years ago and I'd like to expand on that. 

The Woolly Toppers collections range from 36 to 48 pages, excl. the cover. They'll be 8in x 8in in size - nice and compact, easy to use knitting pattern books come manuals. I've seen Magcloud print editions with perfect binding and the quality is superb - I believe the binding holds up well. But no perfect binding will ever be a match to saddle stitch on the durability through use front. I've thought about offering both versions, but I think that'll just get confusing - I've enough things to offer as it is.

For retail (not wholesale) there will be a print+PDF combo option available, although as it's cross platform it won't go into your Ravelry library. It's just not possible to offer the combo wholesale as I don't physically touch the books and Magcloud don't offer this as an extra.

Thanks in advance!

(ps/ to save me trying to keep up with lots of different places on a slow and intermittent connection, do you mind if I keep the discussion here or to Ravelry? ta :)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead