And here it is! Y'see why I've been itching to share this cover? This is the happiest ever yet I've been about a cover! We stumbled upon this mural quite by accident, and we all agreed that we had to make it work for the cover. The camera decided in a rather timely manner that it didn't want to focus, but we battled on and here it is.

Could there be a better backdrop for this book? (can you see me bouncing from there?!)

The mural is by a graffiti artist know as Akse and he's given me permission to use his artwork in mine. You can see some of his other work (which is seriously amazing!) at his website, on Facebook or you can follow him on Twitter or Instagram.

Not only am I revealing the cover, the eBook is available for pre-order today!


eBook only £10.00!
(PDF download only)


Thanks to Ravelry's new discount for bundles and sets, if you've already purchased Giostra, you'll get the amount you paid for that deducted automatically. I've also released Vortice today as a single pattern, and the same applies with that pattern.

I believe that once the value of £10 has been paid (either as a one of for the eBook or across purchases, including previous) you will get all the single patterns. I'm not sure how this works for non-Ravelry members, but if you run into a problem, send me an email (although please bear in mind that this is Easter weekend :)

The print edition will be a few weeks more yet, and that will be available through Magcloud. I'm looking into print+PDF combos; however cross platform purchases make it tricky - if you think you'd like both, hold out for the print edition as I can offer a combo there (which won't go into your Rav library, but at least it's an option)

The release schedule will be one pattern a week until the end of May, when the complete and final eBook will be uploaded. As always, you'll receive an email notification to say when the new pattern has been uploaded, and you'll have immediate access.

The latest pattern release today is Vortice:



And Giostra is already available:



Have at it, and enjoy!

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